Are Gaming Chairs Better Than Office Chairs?

Whether you’re a heavy gamer or a workaholic, if spending long hours sitting on a chair is a common occurrence in your life then the very first decision you have to make is whether to go with a normal office chair or a gaming chair.

Below we will discuss all the major differences between gaming chairs and normal office chairs in terms of ergonomic to help you better understand your options and arrive at the best choice for comfort and health. So, if you’re someone who is thinking about buying a chair then you should keep reading.

Common difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

The gaming chair comes with a fixed headrest with a winged backrest. Also, gaming chairs have long bucket seats with a high degree of recline backrest with detachable pillows as lumbar support and usually 3D armrests.

While comparing to gaming chairs, office chairs don’t come with that many features. The headrest in office chairs is often adjustable with a wingless backrest. Also, office chairs have flat seats with only low to high recline feature and fixed lumbar support and usually 2D armrests.

Comparing features of Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs

Let’s talk about some of the features that you find in gaming chairs and office chairs, why is it better for you from an ergonomic point of view.

Bucket Seat Design

Inspired by the racing car seats, gaming chairs adopt a bucket seat design where two sides are raised. This seat not only looks cool but if we see from an ergonomic standpoint bucket seats serve little purpose, and can be counterproductive. With the two raised sides, there is more restriction in your sitting space plus the ability to move around.

When you compared gaming chairs, office chairs come with a contoured seat that does away with any raised sides. The quality of the material is also different in both chairs. While gaming chairs are usually made of PU or real leather supported by high-density foam, office chairs are usually made of mesh, leather, fabric, etc.

Detachable Lumbar and Head Pillows:

Detachable lumbar and head pillows serve as a massive ergonomic purpose. According to a study, external lumbar pillows help improve neutral spine, comfort, and relief of lower back pain.

Winged Backrest and Fixed Headrest

Winged backrest and Fixed Headrest combine with a removable head pillow is one of the key features in a gaming chair and also ergonomically better compared to mid or low back office chairs for people that lean back as often as gamers do.

Office chairs also come with headrests, some adjustable in height, angle, or both. And logically speaking those are always better than fixed headrests, though we can’t ignore the fact that head and neck support provided by the gaming chairs is far superior.

High level of Back Recline and Adjustable Armrest

A high level of recline backrest and more adjustable Armrests are also one of those features provided better in a gaming chair. Most gaming chairs come with recline backrest that goes as far as 180 degrees to create a makeshift bed. The ability to adjust your recline backrest and armrests according to your comfort provides less pressure on your hand and back and help you maintain your health and comfort.

Which is better gaming chair or office chair- Final Verdict?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. You can draw your own conclusion based on the details provided above. In the end, it all comes down to the user and the user’s needs.