5 Best Free Offline Android Games Play Without Internet

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The time has changed everything, especially our technology. I remember that not too long ago, some game developers only designed their games for PC. But currently, along with the technology deveopment, they expands the market and make the android users as the target market as well. As the result, hundreds of games with the best quality have been available in mobile version, even you will find many of game android offline.

Thanks to that technology, now deciding what to do to kill time is not as hard as before. Believe me, you don’t have to try so hard, because something fun can be found inside your gadgets. There is a bunch of offline games with various type and genres to be played.

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Why offline? I admit that online games may be more interesting, but it won’t be fun anymore when you have bad connection. Or even worse, when you have no internet connection at all. For example you are in a remote area with no internet connection or your phone is just out of data. The last mentioned is the major reason. That’s why, this time I decide to recommend you 5 best free offline android games. Check it out.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR)

Well,  anybody on this earth haven’t known this game? Star Wars is quite popular with its series, and most of the series have to be played online. But KOTOR is one of the best free offline games for android. So you can play it even if there is no internet connection. This is a role playing game (RPG) which was designed for PC in the first place, but then ported to android. The graphics is just georgeous and the sound effects are great.

In this game, you are involved in a war with The Sith and their boss, Dart Malak as your enemy. You will play along with the narration and with 15,000 utterances come out from the characters inside the game. But, you have to make choices during the game and your choices will impact the end of your game. No wonder that this game is one of 5 best offline rpg games for android free download.

2. Overkill 3

Looking for another action game? Overkill 3 may be a good choice for you who likes to use weapons in a game. The main mission is killing the bad guys and you are allowed to use any weapon such as guns, rockets and grenades to complete the mission. You can do everything with your weapons :  fire, reload it and repeat to fire and kill the enemies while avoid the snipers’ attacks. Don’t worry about getting bored since each level is quite short. Try to play it and you will find that Overkill 3 is one of the best game android offline.

3. Special Forces Group 2 

You can guess what kind of game it is from the game name. Yep, this is an action game where you will play as a part of army. I promise you that this game won’t be so boring because there are a variety of mission you could choose such as bomb mission, classic mission, zombie mode etc. Each game mode is challenging and addictng.

Perhaps you know other games with similar gameplay, but you should not judge it too fast. Each game has its own special features and Special Forces Group 2 has the main point. What is it? It can be played in offline mode while most of the competitors can’t. It is a proof that Special Forces is one of the best offline android games free.

4 Legend of Darkness-Offline RPG

Now we move to another best free offline rpg games for android. The first good point about this game is, it’s equipped with amazing graphics.Then, the plot quests won’t make you bored. Your enemies are vary. There are some types of monsters you’re going to kill to level up, such as normal, elite, mutated etc.

Wait until you have battles with the strongest monster bosses. Remember that the stronger your opponent is, the better item you will get  as the reward. Sometimes you will get rare equipments. You need to collect the items and use them to make certain equipments to defeat various type of monsters.

Now, do you want something different from the four games I mentioned above? It is understandable if some people don’t like action games. That’s why the god of game (?) created so many types of game.Well, if you want an offline game without bloods but still addicting and fun, just forget about all of those bloody games and check this best free offline games for android out. 

5. Big Little Farmer Offline Farm

Big Little Farmer Offline Farm is a farming game. Obviously. As one of best offline android games free, this game will give you the experience of balancing the farm’s resources and managing an excellent farm. You will use sickles, hoes, axe and baskets instead of swords, guns, grenade and magical equipments to level up your game. The level is quite short and every level can be unlocked if you achieve some achevements or collect enough stars by selling goods from your farm.

Don’t worry about getting bored. It is true that this game is quite simple, you only repeat to : buy the ingredients, produce, and sell goods; but this game is equipped with many features and achievements. There is also a shop where you can buy everything you need for your farm such as machines, animals, pets, trees, even some items for decoration.

Well, now we have discuss 5 best free offline android games you can play to kill time. Each game is addicting and challenging.So I doubt it if you will play it only when you get bored or have nothing to do. LOL. Now what are you waiting for? Just try to play the games and you will find yourself attached onto your screen for hours as I did.

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