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8 ball pool modded apk is needed since many players are getting tired of the hard –to- win original one. Basically, this pool game is about shooting your cue with your friends or other players around the world as your opponent. But let’s take a closer look at this game and find the reason why players prefer to download the modded apk.

Game Mechanics

First, you or your opponent have to break off the balls. If you get the opportunity to break the balls off, move the cue ball in the best place or you could just put it anywhere as long as it will break the balls. If you intentionally or accidentally pot one ball or more, you will  have another turn.

Then, if you have a ball in hand (usually you will have it because of the foul made by your opponent), just drag it anywhere you please to get the best shoot. if you’re using the mobile version, just tap on the ball and swipe it anywhere you want. You also could use spin to help you with positioning the cue ball.

Have I mentioned about some fouls could be made during the game? There are 3 common fouls in 8 pool modded apk : you’re running out of time  while trying to find the best shoot to pot a ball, cue ball hitting opponent’s ball, and your cue ball not hitting any ball. These fouls lead to the ball in hand of your opponent.


Miniclip, who released this game, adds some features that make playing pool can be so fun, challenging and addicting. So do the 8 ball pool hack android apk. There are some minigames like Spin and Win, Stratch and Win, and Hi-Lo with a variety of prizes such as certain amount of coins, lucky cues etc.

Also, there is a variety of cue designs. Normally, you will have the opportunity to get cues as your level is getting higher, called victory cues. Or you could get a series of cues from the surprise boxes. But other cues such as standard and country cues are only available to be purchased using the pool chips/coins.

8 Bal Pool Modded Apk

Losing lots of coins or cash is just frustrating, but everything in this game requires for coins or cash. For examples, you have to set your coins as the bet before you play ,or you have to use your coins to buy a better cue.

It is not easy to earn lots of both of coins and cash in the 8 ball pool apk. That’s why some players, especially the beginners, are giving up to play the game The goodnews is, there are some modified apk created to solve some problems of the existing 8 ball pool game apk. This version is available for players who is looking for 8 ball pool modded apk, 8 ball pool hack android apk and want to download 8 ball pool mod apk offline.

Some 8 ball pool modded apps are offering players the unlimited cash and coins generator.  So players could play the higher level and enjoy the game without worry about the risk of losing lots of coins and cash.  And now, you could download such a 8 ball pool modded apk for free by clicking the link below.


Requires: Android 4.0.3+
Package Name: com.miniclip.eightballpool
Developer: Miniclip.com
Category: Sports


8 Ball Pool Mod Apk

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