Download Fallout Shelter Mod Apk Unlimited Everything v1.13.12

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Download Fallout Shelter Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

Can you just imagine about living in a post-nuclear world? That kind of world is the one you will see in Fallout Shelter mod apk. Since it is a simulator game, you may find it quite similar with the former simulator games. But believe me, this game is addicting and not boring since you will always have a lot of fun activities to do while manage your vault.

How the Game Works

Basically like I said before, in the Fallout Shelter mod apk you are going to manage a vault, kind of bunker, and make sure that the dwellers are safe and living a happy live. Sounds classic. But it’s fun! You have to manage many things, it starts from adding some facilities onto your vault, getting to know everyone in the vault, making sure they have good outfits, enough clean drinking water and food, ideal jobs and so on.

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Oh, since dwellers have important roles in Fallout shelter android download apk, don’t forget to increase the number of your dwellers. You could attract the newcomers or just…take a part on the dwellers’ personal live. I mean you are going to match the dwellers so they become happy couples and have newborn babies. Just wait until you see the cheesy lines come from the mouth of those couples before they make babies. LOL.

But remember that this is a fallout world, so Fallout shelter game android download is also a civil defense game. There are so many threats outside the vault such as attacks from the raider or radcoach invasion, so you have to make sure the dwellers are safe and can protect themselves. For example you could give them some weapons.


The graphics is quite simple and cute. Actually, the vault with the dwellers inside is look like a liliput-after fallout- kingdom for the Fallout Shelter mod apk players. It’s like you are a giant vault owner who could see all of the activities done inside the vault.

Fallout Shelter MOD Apk

Although playing this simulator game is giving you so much fun, but making progress in the game requires for a big amount of caps. Of course or you could earn caps with one way or another, as you could wait for your dwellers to earn the caps. But it will be great if you could get unlimited caps in a short time, right? That’s exactly what our Fallout shelter unlimited caps apk will do for you.

With this Fallout shelter unlimited everything apk, you will able to manage and make progress in the game faster than usual. Besides providing you with the unlimited amount of caps, our mod apk will also give you the unlimited food, water, energy atc.

The goodnews is, now you could Download fallout shelter for android for free. Please click the download link below to start download the Fallout Shelter mod apk and play the game happily. You’re going to create the best underground world with brighter future for all dwellers!


Requires: Android 4.1+
Package Name: com.bethsoft.falloutshelter
Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC
Category: Simulation


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