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Nowadays, there are addicted games that can be played on android, so people can enjoy it anywhere. Many games companies try to develop games through a good graphic and SQUARE ENIX is one of that famous company which created Final Fantasy 9. Actually, this game is made as video game console, but today, anyone can play by using their android through Final Fantasy ix android apk.

This game has theme about castle era war between countries that combine the concept of antiquity with technologies. The main character in this series of Final Fantasy is Zidane Tribal who will kidnap Alexandrian Princess called Garnet Til Alexandros XVII.

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However, Zidane is not an evil person due to he has a will to stop Alexandrian mother, Queen Brahne of Alexandria, who is really cruel to another country. This queen starts fight against another country to expand her power. It happens due to her greed.

Honestly, Princess of Alexandrian also does not like her mother, so she feels free to be kidnapped by Zidane. Anyway, there will be a long journey until both of the countries becomes peace again. There will be so many fight scenes and stories in this game. They tried to do team work to obtain peaceful and overcome the whole difficulty to achieve their dream.

Princess of Alexandrian will go through the journey together with her guardian called Steiner. Both of them respect to Zidane due to his kindness and meet with Vivi and Quina as their new friends along the journey.

There will be a lot of game features such as abilities, trance, and synthesis. Abilities in this game has function to make your characters learn about new skills by using equipment and items. Trance is used by filled it as long as war, so the characters will possess Trance mode that cast powerfull skills to fight against enemy. Synthesis can be used to create by combining equipment and items.

When someone wants to play it, they only need to download apk file and install it first. Apk file is new development of Android builds which provides easy access to obtain new features about applications from Play Store.

The installment of this apk will take less time, so people who has this apk can download their favorite applications without waiting for long time. After install apk, Final Fantasy 9 can be downloaded from Play Store. All of the enjoyment can only be free you download Final Fantasy 9 apk free download. You can get the apk file from

When you don’t download Final Fantasy 9 apk, the game cannot be played free. In other word, you have to pay with certain cost which is about NT 550. This game has high quality of graphic, even the background is like semi 3D. For your characters will be provided in 3D.

When you do download Final Fantasy 9 apk and data, you can play by using the whole characters and also equipment without paying. You can also modify the whole things such as abilities, trance, and also synthesis like what you want.


Requires: Android 4.1+
Package Name: com.square_enix.FFIXww.android_googleplay
Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Category: Adventure


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